Advice And Infomation For Online Sex Work, Using Twitter To Promote + More

By Melody (@ShesSquirting/Melodysquirt)(CREATED: August 2020)
(LAST UPDATED: 25th July 2022)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if any of the links don't work!This site intends on giving advice than can be applied to all online sex work sites, therefore some features mentioned on here might not be included on your site.This site is a long read (around 1 hour) but I promise it contains so many tips and tricks that will help you.PLEASE SAVE THIS LINK This site will always be around! Please share this site with your sex worker mutuals if you've found it helpful!

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Online sex work relies entirely on the populations expendable income (aka spare cash), which in the coronavirus pandemic that's resulted in lockdowns and poor economic management across the world, people just don't have the spare cash they used to.There's also a surge of new and part time creators transitioning to full time due to unemployment. So you have less money being spread around more people.My advice for keeping your head up is find stuff you really enjoy doing and keep doing it, explore with things, you might enter a new market that's more successful for youMost of all don't give upSuccess isn't a race to the finish line, so stop feeling like you need to sprint

There isn't one magic tip or piece of advice for being successful, there are lots of little things that all add up to doing well.The number one thing tip is patience, you are in the top 1% if you are an overnight success, it takes time to grow and time to build your brand.

It is okay if sex work is not for you, for some people it just isn't, no one insisted on it working for you, remember to be happy and be yourself.It won't take days or weeks it will take months and years to build your business, this is NOT a way to get quick cash, this WILL take both TIME and EFFORT.Don't give up when you've only just begun.Everyone is different, and everyone will move at different paces so try not to compare yourself to others.Your success is subjective! its unique to you and only you. We are all a different combination of unique variables that make us up as individual people, comparing us as if we're the same is insanity!The ONLY person you should ever and CAN ever truly compare yourself too, is yourself.

The things most people don't know when they first start online sex work:(And that's okay)If its for you or not
You may have known right away, but for a lot of people (particularly if it's their first entry into online sw) just don't know if it's their thing or something they're comfortable with until they've actually tried it.
How to price yourself
Most don't immediately have the ability to judge what they see as fair payment for content/subs when they start, especially if you're pricing customs, you'll learn your prices over time and can use other sex workers prices to judge your pricing.
__How long you plan on doing online sex work __
I doubt many people get into sex work knowing how long they'll truly be around.
What your niche is or what content you'll do
You may have a few ideas of what you might like, it's okay to not know everything exactly, this is your time to explore and see what fits you best.
How far you will go
You may already know your limits, you may not have a clue, this is your time to explore, but remember that it must be you pushing your boundaries not anyone else and you must want those boundaries pushed.
How much time or money you'll end up investing
Some people do this full time, others manage it on the side, some people may invest lots (typically due to having a higher income) others may only be able to invest a small amount.
How to deal with subs
How to talk sexually to them, how to advertise to them, how to deal with the assholes and turn things down you don't want to do.
Your best angles and positions
You could already know some these, you may not know any, look to other sex workers for basic positioning, try and spend some time in front of your camera see what angles, lighting and positioning is best for you.
All of these and more are things that you SHOULDN'T feel bad about not knowing or not being sure of when you start, they're all skills that take time and experience for you to develop.No one is born a professional, everyone starts somewhere.

Staying Safe When Doing Online Sex Work.YOUR BUSINESS WON'T RUN ON CREDIT. Take payment upfront.**If it seems too good to be true it probably is, ** Don't believe in the promise believe in the **proof! **Don't use your real name!Turn on 2 factor authentication wherever possible.Invest in a VPN. (This hides your IP and location)DON'T CROSS POST IMAGES TO YOUR VANILLA ACCOUNTS OR VICE VERSA reverse image search exists.DON'T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP OR REPORT AND BLOCK PEOPLE (This doesn't mean get involved in every drama you see).When you set boundaries then stick to them, don't let someone who pays you control you.Know that your images are now out there, and you have decided to put them out there, that does mean that someday there may be potential consequences. Know that you have rights if you are being threatened and you will be supported.Don't feel like you have to talk to subs for free because they might send you something or sub, if they wanted to send you something or sub they would have already done it, keep your conversations direct. I personally only ever reply to twitter DMs about custom content, and only continue the convo if its about that custom.How to respond to a sexual message or comment from a sex worker.
"I would appreciate it if you'd have a more professional attitude towards me as I am your colleague not your customer"
If it continues just block and report them to others.
Make a new SW email, this can be for Google docs or even your 18+ sites and socials.ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wait until you have a wishlist item in your HANDS before you offer any rewards, wishlist items can be cancelled!Don't EVER send out ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION this includes bank details, log ins, personal social media's, try and refer to your location as generalised such as the state or in the UK you could use North South ect. This also applies to media content, avoid using recognisable landmarks in your local area.TURN OFF LOCATION DATA ON YOUR CAMERA Most phones and cameras will include EXIF data within photos, this can include your location. Most phones have an option in the camera/settings to turn this off. While this doesn't apply to Twitter, instagram and other major platforms as they remove this data, if you are sending photos directly (such as imessage, Dropbox, Google drive, email) these sites WILL include such data.The basic scams/scam techniques:❌claim to be a "sugar daddy/mommy" or give a "cashapp blessing", or "sub to a few people" ➡️ 99.9% of the time are scams and bait tweets to gain exposure.❌needing payment to "unlock" funds ➡️ SCAM you do NOT need to pay a fee to receive funds❌requires ANY form of content, services or "verification pictures" before paying ➡️ SCAM they just want freebies!❌asks for a portion of money to be sent back ➡️100% a scam.❌pending PayPal payments ➡️ use caution these can be refunded.❌someone tipping you a lot very quickly ➡️ (this is not always a bad thing however its common behaviour of people who then refund the payments after getting content)❌Exchanging content or services for promotion ➡️ scammy and scummy behaviour, there are honest and decent places that will promote you for free or mutual support.❌NEVER use someone's bank card ➡️ they can get the payment refunded.❌Fake links ➡️ the company infpossible/infpossibility/infinite possibilities are notorious for this on twitter, they send fake links pretending they're trials for l4l and try and hack swers accounts. (image example below)

The most common questions I get and what my top answers are:(note- these are my top tips, there's more than just 1 tip that will help with these)

"How do I grow my twitter?"Find ways to get more exposure. Follow Back and engage with other sex workers.Join engagement groups, try and encourage your followers to engage with your posts by making them appealing.

"How do I get people to sub?"Make your profile attractiveConsider what's visible on your page to a non sub, this includes things like the bio, post/like/fan count.Offer incentives- free stuff for new subs, consider a free profile/trials or a sale (particularly for a short period/limited number of people)Remember you need to sell yourself

"How do I find subs?"Patience and exposure.Promote on your socials/sites (let subs come to you, tweeting out asking for them will likely only bring scammers, engaging with "I'm buying" posts will also likely lead to scammers)Engage in mutual shoutouts with other sex workers!

"why don't I get more engagements on my posts?"Any links or hashtags? - due to potential spam many sex workers won't engage as they fear they'll be suspended for spam.Is the post an ad? - subs don't like adverts.
Make it about you not your site!
How the caption? Does the media preview as best it could?- first impressions are important.

"Why won't my subs buy my PPVs?"Is there a preview for the PPV? (if possible)- consider using the media/text preview options if they are available, describe your content well.Is it reasonably priced?- consider incentives like extra freebies for unlockingDo you send them often?- in my experience less is more

"Why don't my subs have rebill on?"Most just won't. Especially if they subbed on a deal particularly if it's a cheap one, some subs are just cheap.Ask them with a poll! The why will vary between accounts.

"I don't know how to price myself"

"How do I talk dirty?"

"Can I wear the same stuff again for content?"Yes! Just make sure there is some variation from the last shoot in that outfit. (easiest changes would be location, bedding, time of day, makeup/hair and positions)

"Can I use the same content again for promotion?"Yes! Just make sure you don't spam the same images over and over, a few weeks is probably long enough to wait before using the same content.

"Do I need to file tax?"YES.You are SELF EMPLOYED. Check the requirements for your country.Tax is charged on your profitsProfit = total earnings - expensesExpenses: Eg. lingerie, toys, equipment, bills

"How do I use other platforms?"

""Can I do this if I....?"

The best advice I can give regarding being an atypical person (such as listed above) is to find people like yourself in groups, for sfs or sub reddits.If a sub is into men then they will want to sub to men the same as any of the above or any other niches.

"How do I know I'm being scammed?"-Being asked for content/services before payment or in return for promo, especially naked verification pictures
-Being asked to pay fees
-Being asked to send back a portion of money
-Being asked to send your bank info or use someone else's card
-Claiming to be a sugar daddy/mommy, spoil someone,sub to or tip a few people.
-Wishlist gifts can be refunded (wait till its in your hands)
-Pending PayPal payments can be refunded (wait till its in your hands)
-Someone who subs and spends lots quickly could be suspicious

"Do I need to be verified? And what does that mean?"Verification/being verified is usually referring to site verification, this is where you have an active account on an 18+ site and have had your ID approved.This proves you're over 18 and also helps prove you're real.It can also mean photo/video verification, this is a picture/video of you with a written note with your username or saying your username.

"How do I manage my time?"Have set days for taking content, take as much as possible and schedule ahead, have a folder of "potential" content on standby for if you run out. You can schedule dms on most sites too.Schedule sfs (if possible), this is promotion without actively advertising that day.Take BREAKS. Take TIME OFF. No one works 24/7 365 days a year. Your mental and physical health should take a priority.

Balancing Sex Work and Real LifeFind a healthy balance within your life for online sex work, things that can help you include scheduling of posts and direct messages on your adult sites (where possible) and having set days for taking content where you take as much as possible and then have the rest of the week for your editing, promoting and fan interaction.Separate your sex work life from your real life, have breaks, take days off, most importantly have set hours like any other job.My top tip for a stress free sex work life is to always have more content than you need and always have things scheduled where possible.Remember to always choose quality over quantity with your content, get yourself into a good routine with a healthy balance that works for you.Know what requires your active attention at certain times and what can be done through scheduling or at any time.Active attention:
-Social promotion (excluding sfs)
-Engaging with subs
Scheduled/any time:
-Taking content
-Editing content
-Scheduling posts/DMs (including sfs)
Focus on having dedicated time in your schedule for things requiring your active attention, the rest can be done whenever else fits your schedule.

WATERMARKINGWATERMARK everything. It is the only protection you have against someone stealing and using your content as theirs, it will happen to everyone.DMCA takedown services do exist however the free ones with most sites aren't effective so the service requires investment in other takedown sites.
Watermarks also allow dcma sites to be able to identify and prove your content is yours, increasing the chance of a successful takedown.
Good watermarking apps I personally use are Adobe photoshop express (for watermarking and light tweaks) and pics art (photo edits, premium for video edits) just search watermark/editing apps in your app store, also look for collage apps to make headers!

Sex Worker Self Care Tips:Prioritise your mental and physical health and well-being, it is important, it is who you are. Look to join support networks such as groups and try and adopt healthy habits especially with a job like this.You are never alone, don't ever feel pressured into anything you aren't comfortable with, you are always in control of the situation, people will support you if you need them too. The block button exists, report them to other sex workers if necessary (I take anonymous reports)One thing (I've noticed anyways) is sitting down, A LOT, online sex work is exactly that, online, I try and remind myself to take breaks, get up, walk around ect, I suggest changing position often or take a walk when you have the chance.It's easy to lose track of time and forget important things, remind yourself to eat, stay hydrated, get enough sleep and most importantly TAKE BREAKS.Good hydration leads to good fluid production and therefore good cumshots.Fluids are typically lost during shooting through sweat or other means.Good hydration can have benefits such as increased energy and healthy skin.Online Sex work involves looking at screens A LOT, most phones have a setting for eye comfort or night mode that creates an orange tinge, this is supposed to reduce the blue light exposure, there are also glasses that can produce this effect. Benefits of reduced blue light include improved sleep/sleeping pattern and often helps with headaches in some cases, be aware of how much time you spend on electronics and take a significant break before sleeping.You're going to have purchased lingerie remember to wash it on a cool/cold wash and air dry, invest in a delicates bag or some other mesh bag for protection, I like to store mine in the bags they came in when clean.Shaving tips I rarely see mentioned:
Conditioner does work great but shave balm/butter is better and leaves you much smoother and hydrated.
Wait long enough between shaving and trim if it's too long.
Avoid tight clothes for prolonged periods especially if its a fresh shave.
There's also potential for repetitive strain injuries from excessive typing and scrolling, give your hands and wrists a break often, I like to use a stress ball and fidget toy.Things like stretching before and after you film content, especially if it's with another person, the last thing you want is to pull a muscle.Additional reminders that your vagina is the shape it is, there's no magic way to change it (without surgery), it will change shape over time, discharge is NORMAL, the majority of smells are NORMAL, periods are NORMAL, if you need to take a few days off for it then do! YOU come first, YOU are the business.Dedicate time and space in your life for sex work, you will need time to take content, figure out when works best for you and try and take lots so you can schedule ahead, figure out what promotion groups work for your schedule. Dedicate space for your invested toys/clothes, if you can dedicate space for taking content too.IF YOU ARE COLLABORATING GET TESTED. (and please be safe doing collaborations with the current pandemic) Have a test done beforehand and ask for one in return to remove any doubts of possible STIs. It's also important to keep your sex toys clean otherwise they could cause UTIs or other issues.Some sex toys can be dangerous due to the materials used, check out this site to find out more

'' A handy trick for checking unsafe materials is the smell test. If a product has a strong smell, that's a good indicator that cheap, unsafe materials were used''You are the root of all your success, taking care of yourself matters and should be important to you, even if that means taking a day away from everything, sitting under a blanket and watching movies, everyone deserves to relax every once in a while.Please don't ever doubt yourself or what you're capable of, if you feel your content is 'bad' its more than likely stuff that can be easily improved, better quality equipment, techniques for taking content or promoting, everyone begins small and has to learn howYou will get far as long as you stick at it, it can be discouraging, particularly when you're just starting or small, but with hard work and determination there is always potential for success, after all we're all works of art ❤️Take time away from this for yourself, no one works a normal job 24/7 so you shouldn't either, normal jobs let you have days off so have them, you deserve them.

For those of you who have periods, this is how I manage content with them. I’m not telling you to do any of these, they are things I’ve found useful when shark week messed me over:Try and always have extra content on hand and/or scheduled ahead. It makes it easy to be consistent if you aren’t up for taking content.Try and take content just after bathing or in the bath/showerI have put a tampon in and hidden the string as I’m sure many have, I now prefer to use period discs (brand name flex disc) which are similar to cups but lay flat instead and can be used during penetration.Period themed content may be a good idea however many sites don’t allow it.Check out this document from @sophieladder to see what’s allowed where.

Tips For Taking ContentThe best way to build a store of content is to take content even when it's not "content taking time".Getting naked for a shower/bath? Take a nude, when in there? Take a nude, getting out? Take a nude, getting dressed? Take a nude.
I like to use these posts particularly when I've got nothing left at that current moment for uploads.
I personally like to add them to an album of "potentials" that are there as a safety buffer when you need them.
Life's unpredictable, the best way to be consistent is to be preparedYour lighting is the key to quality content most phone cameras really struggle in low light situations, invest in a light ring/box/setup or utilise natural lighting when available.If you take content on your floor lay down a blanket, carpets can appear untidy even when clean.Remember to **cut the tags off your lingerie, ** it looks much nicer!Consider buying a retractable clothes line (about $15), people can believe its for drying washing, but you can use it to hang your backdrops. Get a multi angle one for a wider range of usage.Study basic positions from other sex workers, try and mimic them, see what works for you, learn your best angles.If you live with others who don't know about what you do and you could be interrupted then a dressing gown/robe is your best friend, I've lost count of the times I've been able to cover up in 5 seconds when interrupted during a shoot.Store your content well! Create a folder for your originals and a folder for watermarked/edited copies. You can (and I suggest) buy some form of additional storage to backup your content too (Eg cloud or memory stick)DON'T delete content when you've uploaded it, if you ever do direct sales or want to change the edit or even move site you will be unable to.Film your content in LANDSCAPE ↔️ whenever possible, it will usually preview much better on clip sites and in messages, posts, and PPVs.

How to create censored content.CLOTHES- Everyday outfits, lingerie, cosplay.YOUR BODY- Pictures at certain angles, censoring using your hand, foot, knee etc.OBJECTS- Sex toys/props, blanket, pillow, Teddy, plants, a cup, musical instrument, video-game controller.How to censor after taking the content.STICKERS- Stickers can add a seasonal touch to photos (eg Christmas/Easter/Halloween) avoid using the built in stickers on twitter, use stickers that match the aesthetic you want. Snapchat and picsart in addition to other apps have stickers.BLUR/PIXILATE- By censoring with a blur or pixilation the colours in the image or video remain the same/similar and the end result appears less jarring on the eyes of the viewer.The apps I use are called blur image or blur video on android

Dirty talking lines to use for filming content:
-I bet you... want to touch me/like my body/want to fuck me/would ruin/destroy me
-Would you... Touch my tits first/ touch my pussy first/play with nipples/touch my dick/help me cum.
-Do you like watching me strip/play
-Cum with me/I wanna cum for you
-you make me so horny/if only it were you inside me/touching me.
-Would you fuck me hard or gently?
-This feels so good I wish it was you
-Imagine cumming over these/my tits/pussy/ass/feet etc
-Imagine tasting me/id love to taste you
-I need your cock/I need to be used/I need to be fucked/please fuck me etc
-You make me so wet/hard, look at how wet/hard I am
-This feels so good
-Oh god I'm cumming/I'm going to cum for you/watch me cum for you baby/I'm close/ do you want me to cum for you
-You like when I move like that for you?
-Do you mind if I touch myself there?
-Watch me pretend you're fucking me
-My body part is so warm, I wish you could feel it
-This would feel so much better if you were holding the dildo/vibrator/whatever you are playing with
-Every drop of cum in those balls belongs to me.
-I love it when you ache for me.
-If you were here I'd make you worship every inch of my perfect body.
-You better not cum until [mommy, goddess, mistress, etc.] orders you to!
-you may cum now. Good little bitch, now clean up that mess you made.

Video content ideas:
-Pussy play
-Anal play
-Clit play
-Penis play
-Nipple/boob play
-Double penetration
-Foot play
-JOI (Jerk off instructions)
-Shower/bath content (masturbation, cleaning, shaving, towel drop)
-Panty stuffing
-Strip tease
-Orgasm denial
-Forced orgasm
-Public content
-Pillow humping
-Body/feet worship eg oil/lotion
-Ice cubes/body safe wax
-Electro stimulation
-beginner rope/bondage ties
-ball gag/spit content
-naked yoga/working out
-foot/shoe focused content (white socks n sneakers, fishnets n boots, etc)
-Hidden camera style
-role-play scenarios are an easy way to make content varied too
-Spank counting
-Chug& burp
-Spit play
-Knife play
-Body paint
-Story time
-Unusual scenes ("making coffee", "cleaning", under the table view while "working/studying")
-Hobbies (guitar playing, game playing, cosplaying etc)
You could also have clips/gifs of:
-bum shake/twerk or similar
-Titty shake or titty drop
-moaning/talking clips
Remember that you can also create different styles of content within a category listed above, you could be rough or teasing, you can change the camera positioning to make it POV or a hidden camera style.

How to bring variety to your contentLocations (use different rooms or different spaces in a room)Background imagery (eg change the bedding, tapestrys)Change the camera angle and positionChange the bodily positioning and facial expressions,Shoot at different times in the day for a variety of lighting, additionally led strip lights or fairy lights could be used to improve the background.Change your outfit (lingerie, boxers, or any other clothes, for feet pages use socks, toe rings, anklets, nail polish)Change your hair/makeupGet a mirror and remote shutter for different kinds of pictures.For videos, all of the above and have variety in the toys/props you use.INVEST in some matching bedding, it looks nice and is a quick way to change up the background in your shots, additionally throws or blankets may be useful for the same.A free way to change up your content is to rearrange your room! (You could also arrange the room to utilise the light best)Tapestries are a cheap way to quickly cover up a large area (I wasn't able to redecorate my room but I was able to make it look nice with tapestries)Another cheap hack I used was self adhesive contact paper on my furniture to give it a new lease of life.

Before you take content, a checklist:PREPARE THE AREA
-Declutter and organise.
-Ask yourself questions such as, do I need towels? Has my bedding changed since the last shoot? Do I need more lighting? Will I be interrupted?
-Track down things you need like a remote shutter.
-When shooting outside make sure you don't include any recognisable landmarks unless intended.
-Remove any identifying objects such as family photos or any documents or objects such as hoodies that contain your name or organisation.
-Clean, shave if you do and moisturise
-Eat a GOOD meal.
-STAY Hydrated!
-Get a GOOD nights sleep, you never catch up on lost sleep so sleeping well every night is important.
-Check for things that could be stuck to you, for example pet hair or toilet roll.
-PEE, not doing so before and after penetrative sex can increase your chance of UTIs.
-LINGERIE, make sure you clean your lingerie, dirty underwear can cause utis and other issues.
-TOYS, make sure you clean your toys EVERY time you use it, BEFORE AND AFTER use, unclean toys can also cause ISSUES.
-Set up your tripods/lighting.
-Or any other devices you may be using.

How To Appeal To Your Subs:SPECIFY the content you make, subs are more inclined to sub if they know what they're purchasing. Everyone is selling nudes, what makes you stand out?
This includes in places such as promo on social sites, shoutouts and your onlyfans bio.
Know what's visible on your profile This may include your profile/cover image, bio, the post count, photo/video count and the number of total likes. (ps view your profile on private browsing, this would be the subs point of view)Upload a tip menu/what is purchasable from you, it's an easy way to ensure subs always know how to get your content.Go one step further and upload a video menu/list on your site, you can update this with new PPVs for any new subs.Ask for feedback! You can't improve if you don't know how! I find polls work best! (if you have sex workers as mutuals I highly suggest you add a category for them so they can view the results and not mess with your end data)__How to gain and retain subs. __Advertising is keyPromote on your social media, twitter and reddit are both friendly towards nsfw content and have regulations/systems in place to regulate nsfw content compared to Instagram, Facebook, tiktok ect, these sites do NOT allow nsfw content and therefore also lacks regulation of NSFW material.Build your fan base elsewhere to build your sub base. but remember that 1 good sub is better than 10 bad ones.Consider starting free or with free trials to initially enter the market. When trying to complete with a large market it may be a good way to easily gain a footing, you may be able to have more than one account or both a free and paid wall.When you have subs engage in mutual sfs with other creators, these work as mutual promotion on eachothers profiles for exposure. Try and avoid paying for promo if you can, most other creators will do a sfs for free as long as you have something to offer in return (subs).When you have subs the key to retaining them is to be consistent in what you offer, if you need days off then have them, but be clear and open with your subs, say Tuesday and Thursday are your days off from this from the offset for example. (Scheduling content helps here!)Understand that some subs just can't afford the next month, or are just the type to only sub to the cheapest profiles.One of the easiest ways to annoy subs is to only post the same content you already post for free on your social media and try to put it behind a paywall (eg a paid subscription)Give them a reason to pay for it and not get it for free on your social media. I'm not talking about the occasional Uncensored picture, but take in to account what you show for free and what you put behind a paywall.

Tips For/From Niche Creators

Sex Worker Abbreviations/Terms:General Abbreviations:
SW- Sex Worker
FSSW- Full service sex worker
FC- Fan count or follower count
IFB- I Follow back
MDNI - minors do not interact (DNI=do not interact)
SFS/S4S- Shoutout for shoutout- shoutouts on eachothers profiles for exposure
LFL/L4L- Like for like - trading trials to like each others posts for exposure
RT4RT - mutually retweeting eachothers posts.
CWD- Comment when done
F4F - Follow for follow (ask for clarification regarding where as this can me different platforms)
Twitter groups:PFM- Pulled/picked from media (in the situation the person does not want to engage with a given post they instead engage with an alternate on from their profile, after doing so they will state Pfm)CW- Censor warning (groups may require you state this when sharing a post that contains uncensored content) similarly TW (trigger warning) may also be appropriate for some situations.D- Can also be used to refer to a drop (Eg d1)HYO- Host your own, referring to hosting your own rounds session in a rounds group.Signals indicating having interacted with the required posts in engagements groups:
CU- caught up
D- done
An emoji
DWA- done with all
Rounds group - a type of engagement group where members drop at one time instead of spread out through the day like more typical groups.
Soft blocking- blocking and then unblocking someone. This is typically done to boot people from groups and is extremely rude.
Hard blocking - refers to blocking someone and keeping them blocked
Poaching- refers to someone who attempts to lure followers/subs to their page by liking/commenting/following etc, this can occur on many platforms. Block them when you notice this and turn off comments on free onlyfans pages (especially if you have free in the name as people search for it)Sensitive- refers to twitters detection of Uncensored content. This is allowed in your tweets in moderation.-The "Purge"- the suspending of twitter accounts, often used to refer to when a surge in suspensions occurs (this results from Twitter occasionally increasing the enforcement of the rules)Verified- typically referring to site verification aka being on an active subscribable site like onlyfans that Verifies your id and shows you're over 18. It can also refer to photo or video verification which is different and includes you holding a handwritten note of your username/date etc or vocally saying the same. (do NOT fall for Uncensored verification pics they are just ways to get free content)

Post CaptionsIf you are stuck for captions for your posts I've listed some pretty generalised statements and questions, remember that questions increase engagement and therefore exposure. (on Twitter)
If only this were you
If only you were here
If only you could fuck me like this
Imagine waking up to this
Imagine me doing.....
Imagine if you...
If only it were you inside of me
Good morning/afternoon/evening
You would look good in/on/with me ect.
This looked good on me
I liked this colour/lighting
I hope you're enjoying the view
This is my favourite outfit/toy/position
Bent over and waiting
I heard it was bumday/tity Tuesday ect
Perfecly perky/peachy
It's titty/hump day everyday in my house
Everything's better when it's spread
My boobies/bum/etc didn't want to stay hidden
Open for a surprise
Retweet if.... You'd fuck/take/use me, cum in me, you want me etc
Put me on your to do list
In desperate need of a good fucking

Statements for 2+ picturesI look good from all angles
Spot the difference
Double trouble
The same but different
The xxxx | the yyyyy Eg the face | the peach/the face | the body ect
Beginner vr expert
With or without
On or off
Statements about your platform
(sub in your used platform)
This was too good to only post on....
Uncensored on my.....
I'm naked on my.....
See me out of this on my.....
My pussy/ass/tits looks pretty/sexy over on my.....
Posted lots in this today on my.....
QuestionsHow would you take me?
How does this look?
Do you like the view?
Do you want me?
Do you like my/the/this/that........?
Does this colour/outfit/thong look good on me?
Does this turn you on?
Can you guess my favourite position?
Can I - - - for you?
How's my arch? Or any other 'how's my...' related to the post.
What's your favorite part of me?
Don't you want to join me?
Don't you wish you were here?
Don't you wish that was you?
Would you fuck me?
Would you fuck me in this/like this?
If I were a flower would you pick me?
You come here often?
Is this seat taken?
Do you think I'm cute/sexy/hot/etc?
Do you dream of me?
How often do you think of me?
Can I be your good/bad girl?
Can you choke/spank/etc me?
Would you fuck me gently or roughly?
This is my 2nd favourite position can you guess my first?
Questions for 2+ picsXxx or yyyy? Eg red or blue, cute or sexy, back or front, closed or open, with or without, on or off ect
Would you take me from the front or the back?
Do you like me better/more in....?

As an online sw you may need (to invest in) :🔹LINGERIE- this is one of the most important assets you can get, they help you take a massive amount of content at once and make it seem like different occasions, it also helps to mix things up from just you naked. This can also apply to other clothing you use as props to mix up the your shots.🔹LIGHTING- Natural light is my favourite, ringlights, box lights and other stage lights are available to purchase and will drastically improve your content quality. Rainbow window film can also be a good addition, the film casts rainbows under direct sunlight. Coloured LEDs and fairy lights may also be a good addition for aesthetics.🔹REMOTE SHUTTER- take more than selfies and mirror pics!🔹SEX TOYS- Similarly to lingere these help to increase the diversity of your content, and you can always get subs to help you fund them!🔹CLEANER- Please remember to always clean your toys before and after use and store them correctly.RESEARCH SEX TOYS, FIND A VARIETY.🔹A DECENT CAMERA- no you don't have to immediately spend money on a new phone, and yes you can still do sw with your current camera, improvement comes with time. But if you can get a good camera or are getting a new phone then a good camera is a must.🔹A TRIPOD- Honestly one of my best investments, perfect for holding your camera and/or ringlight for good shots! I have also invested in a clip on tripod for additional variety.🔹BACKGROUND PROPS- Throws or blankets to help switch up the background in pictures.🔹A TIDY SPACE- Honestly no one likes looking at pictures if the room in the background is a state.🔹A NICE SPACE- invest in making it look aesthetically pleasing with matching bedding, hanging tapestries, posters or garlands or with some pretty lights🔹LINT ROLLER- Especially if you have pets.🔹A PLANNER- This has helped immensely with my organisation.🔹WATERPROOF MATTRESSES PROTECTOR- If you are going to produce fluids in your bed this is a good investment.🔹MICROPHONE- If you are recording on your phone and therefore with the phones mic the distance could bring down the audio quality. If you're like me and live with others this could also help with how loud you have to be.🔹BODY CARE- You are going to want to invest in good razors (if you shave),you should invest in your skin care, invest in your body, hair and skin care, because its important. It also helps you feel good!🔹MASKS- (Optional) - if you don't want to show your face, perhaps invest in some pretty masks to hide it, you don't have to crop it out of every shot.🔹TIME, PATIENCE AND DETERMINATION - no this will not be an overnight success, it is everything that you put into it, dont be put down if things aren't amazing straight off the bat, success will come with time.🔹HOTELS/AIR BNBS- (Optional) - consider the options that booking alternative accommodation could bring you, perhaps if you have roommates and you can't be loud or around when taking content, or you want to take content in a fresh setting.🔹A MIRROR- Mix up the pictures you take, you can also use a mirror to take photos using the back camera instead of the front, line yourself up in front of the mirror so you can see yourself on your phone, your back camera is often way better than the front.🔹SOFTWARE/SITES- VPNs (hide your IP address), Editing software, DCMA Takedown sites (these paid services remove stolen/reposted content from the Internet).

Editing app/software recommendationsFree:
-Blur image- blur/pixel censoring on photos (android)
Free (with a premium available):
-picsart- photo edits (free trial for premium, premium includes video edits) (ios/android)
-polish- photo edits, menu making (ios/android)
-Canva - photo edit/watermark, menu making (pc/ios/android)
-Light room- (ios/android)
-inshot - video edits (ios)
-Youcut- video edits (ios/android)
-Pixlr- photo edits (ios/android)
-Add sparkles to images,(android: Kirakira+, ios: brillar)
-Viva video- (£7/$10 pm) (has a week free trial) - video edits, video blur/pixilation (ios/android)
-Adobe- - various software for various editing, typically around £15/$21pm.

__Lingerie Site Suggestions __
(+ Indicates plus size friendly)
Please check shipping for your country, some companies offering worldwide shipping do not include a few countries.
Worldwide Shipping:
-Amazon (+)
-Shein (+)
-Romwe (+)
-Ann Summers (+) [ships internationally, UK highstreet stores]
-SavageXFenty (+) [Most worldwide countries]
-Torrid (+)
-Yandy (+)
-Hustlers (+)
-Playful Promises (+)
-Tutti Rouge (+)
-Love Honey (+)
-Aliexpress (+)
-Brand x intimates (+)
-Fashion Nova (+) [most worldwide countries]
-Bondara (+)
-Aerie (+) [most worldwide countries]
-Lounge Underwear (+) [most worldwide countries minus Russia]
For thigh highs:
-Thundathighs (+)
-Sockdreams (+)
USA + Japan
-Mecari (+)
-Zalando (+)
-Primark (+) highstreet store only
-Adore Me (+) [Ships to the US, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and New Zealand.]

Alternative Platforms:Alternative promotion sites include, reddit, Snapchat, Instagram, tumblr, fetlife, tinder, Facebook, whisper, omegle etc.Reddit and twitter are the only 2 big social media platforms I can currently think of that allow nsfw content, the other sites have regulations against nsfw material so use caution with what you post and using the word onlyfans.The most popular alternative to twitter is reddit

Pros/cons of alternative 18+ sites:
(infomation collected from other users)
Is a video centred upload site
-Relatively large user base.
-you could just post content & still make a little money, not as much without promoting though
-less scamming & trying to get free content from the audience
-can sell physical items, take custom requests
-sales on individual videos, direct sales
-internal searching, tagging and rating system
-tiered subscriptions to unlock your content
-60-80% payout
-New mobile site UI
-MV Crush is essentially just like onlyfans except all videos must be under 5 mins!
-You can live cam
-Participate in contests for cash prizes
-Your uploads can be engaged with similarly to liking and retweeting on twitter.
-You can be followed for free
-requires a thumbnail and preview clip on each video (make these separately so they can be censored) preview clip can be hidden from users, video must contain a thumbnail.
-video processing time is similar to OF.
-$50 min payout (tho after a few videos being uploaded it shouldnt be too hard to reach that)
-payouts only on 1st and 16th, small fee for payout.
-Can be challenging I find to make sales
-@ twitter name is not allowed in post or contest post. Which is odd as auto buy tweets and contest results are shared on Twitter. I was literally kicked from a contest.
(info has been googled, correct me if I'm wrong)
-can follow creators for free and share their posts
-various tiers, eg you can add longer content to a more expensive tier
-similar style to onlyfans
-use of emojis to censor content
-supportive of sex workers
-$50 min payout
-not as much traffic/awareness as onlyfans (but is increasing!)
-teething issues (these appear to be mostly resolved)
Stars AVN:
-Content inclusivity (RocketStars for hard kinks like Scat etc)
-Paywall on feed too
-Cool graphics
-Health & Welfare Officer
-Tags as additional search feature
-Explore Page with random featured models
-Amazing support team!
-Payout $40
-Optional participation in leaderboards
-No email notifications of messages etc
-Unable to edit lists within the list, needs to be done per subs profile
-they send out tweets every time you post on your feed.
-people have to pay you to be able to send you pics/vids
-mass DMs can only be sent every 12 hours and so far I don’t think there is a way to delete a mass message
-run by sex workers
-already spoken to their bank and solidified payments
-80% profit
-BANNED chargebacks
-simple and easy interface
-Free, subbed AND PPV all in one
-PPV messages
-friends with other SWers makes it easy to do L4L
-Payout in £ (No currency conversion fee for UK creators)
-not a huge site, not as much traffic
-no 'ranks' for content creators
Fancentro-They have affiliates that advertise for you
-stories, paid
/free clips, subscription options
-fast customer service.
-model support
-follow or subscribe option
-paid messaging, video store, live shows, private lives, video calls on site

Alternative Payment Methods:Remember that most sites take a % of your earnings. If you are receiving money in large sums or a regular amount, you may want to try and use a different payment method.When receiving money from someone not in your country, take into account the exchange rates. For example, $10 USD is £8.02 GBP whereas £10 GBP is $12.47 USD (correct at time of writing).Paypal is NOT sex worker friendly. If they discover you are a sex worker they will shut your account down, appeals can take upwards of 6 months and during that time you will have no access to the account, if you had linked a bank you will also be unable to link your bank again untill the appeal has been reviewed.
I highly suggest if you ever receive money on PayPal that you withdraw any funds you recieve immediately incase you lose access.
Cashapp is also apparently unfriendly towards sex workers however it seems to occur much less in comparison to PayPal.As of May 2023 cashapp appears to be banning sex workers, particularly if your account is linked to the tips section on twitter.Stick to using non sexual terms in the description when using a payment method like cashapp or PayPal. (use something like emojis)Try and get tips in the form of amazon or shein gift card purchases, these aren't part of your taxable income. (this means that they aren't counted when you calculate your profits.)

AmazonIf you have an amazon wishlist, make sure that 3rd party deliveries are off in the wishlist settings. (this prevents sharing of your full address, your town and the first name on the address on the delivery address will however always show regardless of this setting is on or off, if you're concerned then stick to gift cards and don't use a wishlist.)In addition remember to use your sex worker name for the display name and recepient on the wishlist and ensure your public amazon account has no personal information such as names or even past reviews.Create a new address (same address just use a pen/fake name) use this on your wishlist to stop your real name being shown. **Your city will always be shown. **You can see purchased items! (filter and then filter again) but please **wait until the item is in your hands as it can be cancelled! **

What's the deal with the people in your DMs offering free Amazon products?If you know what to look for these are usually legit!Amazon reviews hold more weight from a verified buyer, this means someone who has purchased the item, gifted items from the seller don't have this status, hence why these companies are offering toys on things like twitter.Look for free toys in your area, they're usually done by country. Please always give an honest review, there are sometimes BAD toys that NEED an honest review to protect others, and occasionally the companies may ask you neglect this information and still leave a good review. They CANNOT control your review, be honest.It is legit IF you are sent the money beforehand to purchase the product and then leave a reviewit is suspicious if you are asked to purchase first and be reimbursed afterwards any time you have to put money forward first I would use caution.It is suspicious if you are asked to give any details to the seller other than your PayPal email (they typically only use PayPal).Some companies may want to do direct reviews outside of amazon and may request for your address directly, I would advise for beginners to stick to companies that use amazon as you have a safety barrier protecting your information.USE CAUTION WHEN LEAVING REVIEWS you can be banned from reviewing items if amazon thinks you are abusing the reviewing system. Limit yourself to a few reviews a week or so.From another sex worker
•check their page! see if they have RTs of reviewers, regular tweets about their products, etc
• their bio should have their company name! or @
• 99% of the time they will paypal u before to purchase over Amazon

LOOK FOR:✔️POSITIVE REVIEWS by others that can be VERIFIED.(Eg public tweets mentioning said page, comments by others on the pages posts verifying it works)If you think the review may be stolen (it does happen) try and find the reviewer and check personally.✔️GOOD ENGAGEMENTS ON THE PROFILE.If a page has lots of followers and can barely reach 10 likes on a post then the followers are likely bought.By examining previous engagements you can judge how well a promotional post may do.✔️AN ESTABLISHED FOLLOWING.NOTE- this is NOT always the case, in fact larger pages are often scummy as they think they're worth more and can behave in worse ways. Some smaller pages can also be great, try and use the other factors to judge a page.✔️An OPEN, CLEAR and RESPECTABLE FORMAT.Paying for promotion is fine if you pay with money, mutual engagements or support/reviews, what isn't acceptable is a page asking for content or services in return for promotion, free and decent places exist.✔️A page that matches YOU and your contentIf you match the promotion page to your niche you will do much better as you're advertising at a target rich environment.WHAT TO AVOID:
❌Low follower count/recently made account
❌Only a few posts
❌Spam comments uninvited on swers posts offering promo
❌False claims without evidence (x amount of exposure or growth)
❌Asks for content or services in return
❌Poor exposure on posts
Try the free routes first (not giving away content for promotion but engaging with other sex workers in engagement groups/sfs)

Interaction With Other Sex Workers:Many sex workers like to trade trials with each other and like each others posts, this can help build the viewed appeal of your page, you can also use this opportunity to find inspiration from others.Many also arrange shoutouts with each other on the platform to gain subs, you will find more success from these if you match with the other person well (Eg style, gender, sexual orientation) **How to do a sfs:1. -Find a suitable person. This could be someone with a similar amount of subs (or % if applicable) or someone with a similar style of content.2. -Arrange the details such as if the post will be scheduled, is it a post or mass dm, is there an expiry if its a post.3. -Swap content and schedule/post the sfs, make sure you tag the the creator!Some people may only sfs with links, some may include promo text (remember the key selling points from earlier) and some photos, discuss this with the other person.-I HIGHLY suggest you send eachother a screenshot of the sfs when it has been scheduled, in addition to swapping trials (if possible) to cover the upload.** Please make sure you are getting the mutual promotion back.What you should NOT do is send creators trials randomly with no context, try and contact them on their normal social media first.You should also never poach fans from others, this includes commenting on others posts things that might lure subs to your profile or directly contacting subs with trials or offers. THIS IS THE RUDEST THING YOU CAN DO IN THIS LINE OF WORK.OnlyFans only
-You must tag a creator, use the URL to get a banner, you can also use their username @....... NOTE- onlyfans allows the filtering of promotional posts from subs feeds, a URL makes a post promotional and may not be seen by as many PEOPLE.
You may also be able add each other as friends on your site

Tax:ONLINE SEX WORK COUNTS AS SELF EMPLOYMENT. Check in your local territory for tax laws pertaining to self employment.For example in the UK you need to declare as self employed, and in the US you may be asked to fill out a W9 form upon signing up to your site .You pay tax on your profits not your total income, for example, if you've had to fund clothing, Toys, lighting, phone bills, anything you can relate to the business then you deduct these expenses from your total income to give you your profits!Begin to save money back where possible, save receipts of any toys, clothing, furnishings and other business expenses that are not part of your taxable income.YOU PAY TAX FOR EACH AMOUNT IN EACH BRACKET, for example if you earn 20K You only need to Pay 20% tax on the amount from £12,501-£20,000 not £0-£20,000.
(UK rates but the concept applies to taxes in all countries)
The general suggestion for how much you should save for tax is 20% of your income.Excel is a good program to calculate and keep track of your taxes.

UK taxes, the basics:This does also generally apply to other countries (tax year, how tax brackets work ect, check with your country for tax rates and how to pay)The tax year is 6th April to 5th AprilYou have until October 5th in your second tax year to register, anyone who started earning after April 2020 has until October 2021 to register (if you started before April 2020 and earnt less than 1K this also applies to you as you don't need to declare less than 1K earnings in a tax year, before this date and if you earnt any more than 1k you were due to be registered in 2020)You only need to declare if your profits are over £1,000, if your profits are over this you need to fill out a self assessment,you can do this on the HRMC website.You can pay the tax for the previous year starting from the 6th of April (the day after the tax year ends)31st October is the deadline for paper returns,31st January is the deadline for online returns.Onlyfans is currently handling the vat for sales for those earning under 85KYou are a sole traderTAX YOU PAY
Income tax:
If your profit is
£0- £12,500 its deemed personal allowance
You pay NO income tax under this bracket.
If your profit is
£12,501- £50,000 you are charged a basic RATE of 20% tax.
Higher rate: 50K-150K = 40% taxNational Insurance (NI):
National insurance contributes towards your pension, paid maternity leave and ESA.
You do not have to pay national insurance if your profits are below £6,475However certain benefits mentioned above require NI contributions for a payout, so you may decide to voluntarily contribute NI at a class 2 level.There are currently 2x types of classes for those self employed for national insurance, 2 and 4.Class 2:
Profit threshold £6,475, if above NI is charged at a fixed rate of £3.05 a week from the start of your employment.
Class 4:
Profit threshold £9,500, if above NI is charged at 9% of your profits up to 50K, any profits after 50K are charged 2% NI (you only pay the rates for the amount in the bracket)
If you are employed, and your employer pays class 1 tax on your behalf, as well as being self employed, you may only have to pay 2% NI at class 4 or no NI at class 2.If you are employed your taxable income is both your employment income and self employment income combined.Trading allowance- a £1,000 deduction to your taxable income, if you claim this you will be unable to claim any other expenses against your total income, so it's advised if your expenses are over £1K to reduce the taxable income through expenses and not this allowance.

Before Your Account Is Approved:Having ID approval on an 18+ site is what's referred to as being (site) verified.It doesn't matter if you only sell feet pics, it doesn't matter if you only do findomme. If you enter the online sex work community YOU NEED TO BE SITE VERIFIED.You could be a minor for all we know. You could be an account with stolen content.Being on cashapp/PayPal etc is NOT 18+ verification, in some countries kids can have bank accounts and therefore can easily make a cashapp/PayPal.Take content, having a decent amount of content at launch means people are more likely to sub.Once you're verified if you have content available to schedule you can focus more on promotion and sub relations.Read into online sex work and how to run your page.Get onto social media, however most people will not interact with you until your bank/id is approved.After you have been approved you will be able to post more to the site and start earning!

Place this copyright disclaimer in your sites bio."Legal Note: All content published to this account is exclusive copyrighted material belonging to me (_) No parties or individuals are allowed to screenshot, screen record, or save my content in any other way. Distributing or publishing any of my content, from my page or any other protected accounts will result in immediate removal without a refund and legal enforcement. Any unwanted photos, videos, comments and any other forms of harassment will result in immediate termination of your subscription to my page without a refund."

PricingYour site is a product and you need to sell it to your potential buyers, remember what is visible to subs such as like and post count as well as making your promotion elsewhere appealing.Put yourself in the position of your potential buyers:
-Why should they sub to you?
-How would you value what you offer?
-What is appealing? *
The ways you *could* run your profile:(these are the typical ways I see done, you don't have to follow any of them, the choice is always up to you)Free Page only:
-You might have sfw, censored and teasy content on your feed,
-You might also have explicit paid posts on your feed,
-You might send out explicit paid DMs in addition to free teasy ones.
-A free profile leaves you able to have large or lots of paywalls.
Free + paid: (if possible)
-You might run your profile in the same way as listed above, you might also use your free page as a place for promoting your paid page.
-Some sites may allow you to have both free and paid walls.
-You could offer wheel spins to win free trials to your paid page.
A cheap paid page:
-This type of page might have the lowest subscription price possible and may use lots of sales
-You might have some slightly explicit photos on the feed but mostly keep the explicit stuff behind a paywall.
-You might send out frequent PPVs or run frequent campaigns.
(An average priced page:
From $5 to 10-15
-You might have explicit posts on the feed but might also send out PPVs for the video content or more explicit content.A more expensive page:($10-15+)
-Accounts at this price typically need something extra or special, it could be a lots of content, or 4K content, you could have no PPVs or something else like celebrity status.
** *these pricings are based off my personal opinion and averages across the industry, if you think you're worth more then charge more, it depends entirely on what you offer.*

Don't feel like you have to undersell yourself however you should remember that you're competing for subs with other accounts so you need to think about the VALUE of your page
Eg you won't be able to charge $20 for 5 pics, a sub could subscribe to 5x other people for that much.

Free/Paid account.Benefits of a free account:
-More subs (but no passive income from subscriptions)
-Less stress on the creator as people aren't invested for the 'long run'
-Your site can include way more paywalls.
-Can be used to promote a paid account.
Benefits of a paid account:
-Subs can reduce the amount of paywalls.
-Passive monthly income on top of PPVs and tips.
You may be able to have both

What Are You Offering That Makes The Sub Price Worth It?You will NOT find something completely unique to do, instead incorporate a mix of things into your profile to make it stand out.If you don't know where you should be starting with content then list down the things you aren't comfortable with and explore from there!Focus on the things you enjoy and that turn you on, no one expects you to know your niche immediately, this is your opportunity to explore and experiment with a wide range of sexual experiences.

Things you could be placing on your advertisement, for example twitter threads or your onlyfans bio-Price (ideally have a sale on)
-Number of posts and/or frequency of upload
-Your link
-Free account/free trials
-Perks for subscribing/renewing
-Rewards for tippers, big rewards for the biggest tipper.
-Fully Uncensored
-Frequent uploads
-Limited/No PPVs
-Lots of video uploads
-420 Friendly
-Kink/fetish friendly
-Solo, b/g, g/g, b/b
-Content type- Anal, Squirting, Toys, Lingire ect
-Niche- milf/amateur/domme
-1 on 1 messaging/Paid Sexting.
-Dick ratings
-Boob size/Height
-Sexual orientation

Things To Remember When Uploading To Your Site:You MUST submit verification/s for anyone featuring in your content on your sites This is to ensure they are also over 18 and consent to the content being used. (See the useful links section for a model release form, you must submit this and relevant ID pics to your site)Work on your descriptions for your posts and messages, the better they are the better the response, make sure you describe PPVs well, and caption posts as short and seductive.Your site may crop posts test the crop for your site so you can see how best to post.Bulk take and queue your content so your subs never miss out! This can also help you post regularly!Remember likes are usually for each post not each picture, consider uploading multiple times a day rather than one large bulk upload.

PPVs(Some sites do not have PPV and PPV features will be different across platforms)Describe your PPVs well, use seductive and descriptive language, use the preview option (if your site has one) to showcase your PPV with text, a short clip or picture.Do not fully rely on PPVs to make your income (free accounts excluded) heavy paywalls can scare away subs. Instead try offering 10 seconds of the PPV video as a feed post and ask for a tip for the full video. This also allows any new subs to easily see old videos. DO NOT upload a large amount of the video to the feed, subs won't buy the rest of the video if there's enough already on the feed.I have found that a good way to increase post/PPV unlocks is to offer an additional freebie alongside unlock such as a nude or clip.

Welcome MessageA welcome message is a good way to potentially start conversations with your subs in addition to giving you a space to introduce yourself and what you offer. (note: not all sites have this feature)Welcome and thankyou for subscribing! I really hope you like it here on my page, let me know if you have any preferences, kinks are welcomed here (where I can accommodate) If you want my attention the best way is through tips and liking my posts! It helps me know what you like best so I can make more!I look forward to having you cum here often and remember I offer custom content starting from $(price), any feedback you have is greatly appreciated, I love making my page better for my fans!
(name) ❤️

Earnings:Be REALISTIC You will have slow days, your earnings will fluctuate, privilege also plays a massive role. Growth will come, with time and patienceNEVER EVER GIVE OUT CONTENT BEFORE YOU HAVE RECEIVED PAYMENT.DON'T only rely on one format to make your income (subscriptions/ppvs/customs etc) by varying your income formats you're more likely to make a consistent income.-Subscriptions mostly depend on promoting, if you take a break or lose the platform you use for promotion , your earnings are affected.
-Tips/customs/PPVs rely mostly on having "good buyers" or the right type of buyer for the content you offer, if you lose those buyers or they are unable to buy extra content at the time, your earnings are affected.
If you are recieving funds in a foreign currency (eg non US for onlyfans) you will likely be charged a currency exchange fee by your bank.Some subs do just randomly delete their profiles often right after subscribing, you keep the money from deleted accounts.While I understand the importance of bills etc you need to remember that a customer isnt subscribing to see you beg post after post, by all means mention things you may want contributions towards but posting about it more often won't increase your chances. Less is more.Instead of phrasing it as"Tip me I need money"Say"Any contributions made go towards supporting both me and my page"Consider having something like a weekly campaign pinned for your bills instead of asking on every post daily, try and have incentives for tipping.If you're in findom this doesn't necessarily apply to you^^

The most common scam on adult sites:IF SOMEONE SAYS THAT THEY HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY IN THEIR WALLET AND COULD YOU SEND SOME BACK IF THEY TIPPED YOU, OR CAN THEY SEND YOU MONEY TO BE SENT BACK IT IS A SCAM.THIS TACTIC HAS BEEN INCREASING IN USAGE! (I will not say how its done as the less people who know the better, creators only feel free to DM me on twitter for the full story)

Ways To Make Money On Your Site:(Note: not all sites will share the same features)Subscription Fees:
-Offer rewards for bundle buyers and freebies for new subs (eg a dick rate, xxx video)
PTV messages/posts:
-Describe the paid message/post WELL, use seductive language, utitilise the preview media option available.
-Upload a short clip to your feed, this helps subs who may not have checked their messages see your content in addition to allowing new subs to see purchasable content.-Offer a freebie alongside as an incentive, such as a free clip, nude, fansign ect,Profile Campaign:
-Ask for contributions towards an item you would like, offer an incentive in return such as a video/picture with/in said item, this is useful if you don't want to use the amazon wishlist feature.
-Ask for contributions towards anything! As long as you offer some incentive.Livestream Contributions
-You can offer subs the opportunity to make suggestions on what you do or say during a Livestream.
Custom Content:
-Videos, pictures, voice notes, clothing
-Paid Sexting
-Some subs will even pay to just talk
Tip menu:
-similarly to the PPV clip to the feed mentioned above, this gives subs an opportunity to see how to pay you and what they will get in return.
-I like canva for making text based pictures like that
-Dick/pussy ratings
-Drains (findom)
-Wheel spins
-Offering Incentives for the highest tipper of the month to encourage competitition.
-REGULARLY REWARD YOUR GOOD TIPPERS, this includes discounted/free PPVs, early access to some uploads, special messages.
-Personally a lot of my income comes from renewals, so encourage subs to stick around!

Twitters Rules + The "Purge"The rules themselves HAVEN’T CHANGED.The ENFORCEMENT of those rules HAVE.Familiarise yourself with Twitters terms of service.What isn’t allowed:❌anything that INTENDS ON CAUSING SEXUAL AROUSAL (this includes things like bums, bulges, lingerie, cleavage etc) in your cover/profile images and live video as stated in the sensitive media policy 👇

Note- you CAN share adult content WITHIN your tweets, just not your profile or cover picGood SFW profile pic alternatives if you don't show your face:-Canva generated image with your name/username
-Snapchat bitmoji
-Snapchats animie filter
-picsart "artsy filter"
-A SFW cartoon (it cannot be sexy)
-A dress/flattering clothing photo (NOT bikinis or lingere)
❌ONLY engaging or tweeting sensitive media. - if a large majority of your engagements and tweets are sensitive you are at risk of suspension. (As per the sensitive media policy)

What dictates a post as being sensitive?Uncensored content will be deemed sensitive.The more skin that appears in the shot (in my experience) the more likely to be deemed sensitive, hence why bums and feet often get flagged.
Since a recent update lots more lingerie posts have been flagged, this indicates that non sensitive posts need to be as sfw as possible, selfies, screenshots, memes, gifs etc.
Currently the only way left to test for a sensitive post is if it has been quote tweeted and you are able to view those quote tweets from the post.❌spammy behaviour:-following/unfollowing 400 people in a day
-sending more than 1k DMs in a day
-2,400 tweets per day this includes retweets and comments.
-following lots of people in quick succession
-sending/tweeting large amounts of identical/similar messages or tweets, including links✴️
-Commenting the same link to a tweet or soley your site link on a thread over and over can also be seen as spammy. Have variation in your comments.
-liking, commenting or retweeting large amounts in quick succession
-using lots of hashtags
✴️especially use caution using the same images when commenting on threads, twitter knows what each photo looks like and commenting the same photos over and over can get you spam banned
❌3rd party automation (auto tweets eg frisk, MV, unfollower trackers)❌retweet pinned+follow trains etc are specifically not allowed per the spam manipulation policy. AVOID THESE, twitter is banning more people for breaking the rules and this is a common way to get suspended.⚠️Engagement groups can be risky if they result in spammy behaviour, excessive link sending, retweeting etc⚠️
Use caution, catch up in them slowly, leave any that feel too spammy and try to behave like a normal member of twitter.

❌backup accountsIt may be a good idea to have a backup of some kind, however do not call it cutiepiesbackup, you want Twitter to THINK they are 2 very different accounts, if it knows it’s the same when one gets suspended the other one will also be automatically suspended.In addition the creation of multiple accounts is against the spam manipulation policy unless they’re very different.
Therefore you need to make it an 'alternative' account, not a 'duplicate' one.
One thing suggested is to purchase a domain name (eg www.:/site/.com)

What is allowed:✔️Engaging like a ‘normal person’ including sharing links (just don’t engage in spammy behaviour)✔️tweeting/engaging with sensitive content (in moderation keep a balance of sfw and nsfw activity)What you need to do:✔️have a safe cover and profile image✔️Make any backup accounts different, avoid use of the same links and the same content across your accounts, in addition make the name/username significantly different✔️use Twitter normally and engage with sfw posts✔️mark your profile as containing sensitive content (in settings)✔️turn off or reduce the frequency of automated tweets and try to tweet organically

Your Profile:You are not going to get exposure if you are on private! your content is unable to be retweeted or even seen by anyone who doesn't follow you, this includes comments on threads.Have a mixture of NSFW and SFW content accounts that ONLY tweet/retweet adult content may be suspended.Consider what you are giving away for free on your socials if there is more available on your free social media you're unlikely to get followers to become subs.Utilise the pinned post function and pin one of your tweetsTurn off the notifications for twitter in your phones settings.Choose a good profile picture and header (collage apps are an easy way to make headers)ANYTHING THAT MAY SUGGEST AROUSAL IS NOT ALLOWED IN PUBLIC PLACES SUCH AS YOUR COVER, PROFILE IMAGE, OR LIVE VIDEOTHIS INCLUDES CLEAVAGE, LINGERE, BUMS.UNCENSORED CONTENT IS ALLOWED WITHIN YOUR TWEETSChose a GOOD USERNAME, it is the foundation for your business, keep your username the same across platforms if you can. Try and keep your username simple and memorable.Put your link in your bio! Twitter has a section for links, and this makes it easier for us to recognise you as a sex worker.Remember that your content can be easily viewed by subs under the media tab, so make sure you keep that media varied.Don't post all your content on your free socials, subs who have paid will be dissatisfied, always have much more for those who pay!Hashtags in your bio are useless.

How To Gain Followers:Post to Twitter regularly, at least a few times a weekTry and make your tweets appealing see the Twitter post/photo/statistics section.Be a community member sex workers are your friends not your enemies.PLEASE DON'T PROMOTE YOURSELF ON OTHER SEX WORKERS POSTS UNLESS YOU'RE INVITED!State you follow back sex workers on your profile!Comment on and host threads! You can say you follow back sex workers on the threads you host too!Join engagement groups! these can be for retweet purposes but are also amazing for finding connections and support in the community.AVOID follow threads, you will end up following more people than follow you, I suggest if you are using them you only like the comments and follow back people monitoring unfollowers on an unfollower tracker app.Especially avoid follow threads and rt pinned threads currently as twitter is cracking down on enforcing the rules, rt pinned and follow trains are mentioned as being against the rules in the spam manipulation policyDON'T FOLLOW TO UNFOLLOW.Be patient! Don't buy followers or promotion, it may take some time but you can grow yourself organically!Someone asked me "can i over promote?" And the answer is YES.Some days will be SLOWER than others, particular times in the day will be SLOWER. Don't overwork yourself trying to promote excessively, share a few posts a day, promote for a few hours a day.There's a balance between if you don't promote you won't get any new subs but then even if you do promote you aren't guaranteed those subs and promoting more won't always equal more subs.__The most active twitter time periods__
(from my experience)
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are more active than other days.Specific time frames (same time just different timezones):
-GMT (UK) - 2pm - 6pm
-ET (US) - 8am - 1pm
-PT (US) - 6am - 10am
The majority of activity seems to favour when Americans are active.This also generally applies to other social platforms.

Engagement Groups:IMPORTANT UPDATE: Typical engagement groups have changed due to a crackdown from twitter. They have been replaced with groups on apps like telegram or in the form of gif groups, more belowIn groups you engage with others people's tweets in return for engagement on your tweetsWhat types of groups exist?
Engagement groups can exist for retweets, likes, comments or any combination of these.
Other groups such as chat or support groups, and promotion thread groups exist too.These groups for twitter can also exist on telegram and kik.The groups can be more typical as described below or in the form of "rounds" in these groups active members all drop at one time so you'll get X amount of engagements in a short time span. (X being active members)Where do you find groups?Groups looking for members will put out tweets asking if people would like to join, you can also put out a tweet asking to be added to one or ask the people you do know if they know of any spaces.How do I share a tweet?In most (twitter) groups link sharing is now banned, instead you typically share a gif/image instead of a link, or they can be formatted as a response to a question into the group, in return others will engage with tweet/s on your profiles media tab, you do the same in return."Drop/s" refer to the sharing of a gif etc as mentioned above. Some groups go by x amount per hour but if the catch up in the group is per gif amount (Eg 4x people) then wait until at least 4 other people drop (in this scenario).A group may refer to how many tweets to engage with per drop, this may be written as, 2/X, P2, pull 2, 2x Per etc.Minimum catch upCatch up may be labelled CU, this abbreviation can also mean caught up, as in "I've cued 3 hours"Every group will have a different amount of catch up some groups go by hours (3/6/12hr) some by gif amount ie 5x posts.This is the minimum amount you need to engage with (like/rt/comment depending on the group) BEFORE you drop a post EACH time,You will find this labelled ZHr Cu Eg. 2Hr Cu meaning a 2 hour catch up.Other groups that go by gif catch up you may find this labelled Zx cu, eg. 4x cu meaning a 4x gif catch up.Note when you are first added to a group you will not be able to see the posts shared before you joined.Some groups may have 2/4 or something similar, this means a 4x gif catch up and to pull 2x Per person.IMPORTANT TERMINOLOGYDrop- a tweet shared into the group.Cu- either used by members to say they have 'caught up' or can be used to explain the 'catch up' time.D- Done same as cu.Emoji- same as cu.PFM/Pull/pulled- Pull/pick from media (tab).Pinned- Engage with my pinned post.Unhit- Engage with any tweet on my page you haven't already engaged with.Any- Engage with any tweet on my page.Returning comments- If you comment on my tweets I'll comment on yours in return.EtiquetteSome groups will ask you follow everyone, if you have issues with people not following back it is polite to raise the issue with the admin/look in the rules as some may state what to do.If someone isn't engaging I'd advise informing the admin, the situation will either be resolved or in some unfortunate cases its not, i would strongly advise finding a new group if the rules are constantly violated and not kept in check.Don't block people in your groups unless you NEED to, even soft blocking, it removes them from all your mutual groups, raise your concerns with the admin first, work together to decide what to do from there.Don't add people to groups you aren't the admin of without permission and without asking the person being added.Always use INCLUSIVE terms not everyone in the group will be a female, and even if they have female genitals may not use the typical she/her pronouns, this means addressing people as ladies or girls can be extremely exclusive. I prefer to use creators, people, peeps, y'all, everyone etc.Other rulesUse caution in comment groups, don't use the same emojis or phrases as this is spammy and can get you banned.If you can't be added to a group it means someone has you blocked or you do them.Some groups may not allow certain content, for example, no hashtags or no uncensored content, please check the rules before you start dropping.The rules exist for a reason, follow them, if you have suggestions I'm sure the admin would love to hear them.Admins cannot watch their groups 24/7 if you have issues within the group message the admin privately.PLEASE DON'T STAY IN BAD GROUPSSome groups are great, some don't work so well, sometimes due to absent admins, bad rules or members who don't follow the rules. You don't have to stay in the same one forever if you don't like it. You can always find more.

There are also a few things that may contribute to you getting less engagement from a group than expected.1. The group may have inactive members, these may need removing or may only be on short breaks.2. You drop at the least active times in the group and therefore less people are active to engage with you (remembering most groups only say to go back a few hours, 4x people in my groups case) some people will only engage with the minimum required.3. You may be inactive at completely different times to some people, this could be due to different time zones or only being able to be active then (work, school, kids etc)4. If you're comparing yourself with other people in your group remember that you are not in all the same groups and they may be in more groups or the groups they're in may be more active.5. Your post contains links, hashtags or @. Tweets containing these may not be interacted with as people fear being suspended. And/or Your content is Uncensored or otherwise unsuitable for a rt so they pfm (pull from media, they usually state this).

Some information regarding rounds groups:Key terms:
-DWA= Done with all
-A= Active This is said by users who are available when asked in a rounds group, this is to figure out how many people will be engaging.
-HYO= Host your own. This means you are the host for a round.
-ML= Masterlist. refers to the group list with all members usernames.
Below image credit @Vernuette (on Twitter)

Spam rounds are another form of rounds group and is explained below.Image credit @anouruk_ (on Twitter)

Twitter Posts:Have a mix of NSFW and SFW posts and engagements, accounts that only post/engage with sensitive content risk suspensionHave promotion posts saved in your drafts they can really help if you don't know what to post.**The Media Tab on twitter is the only section on your profile that is just your stuff (no retweets etc). ** Utilise this by thinking about the media you post! Most subs look under the media tab for content so keep it varied! Don't spam the same images over and over.How to word posts:Less is more. Keep captions short and simple, a statement referring to the media content. If you're completely stuck use the days of the week Eg it's bumday Monday etcAsk a question, comments are exposure! Eg would you fuck me? front or back?Try and refrain from including too much promo information in the main tweet, while subs do like to see deals they're more focused on you, put your promo and link in the comments. This also gives you the opportunity to use older posts for promo, as you can delete and change the comment as the promo changes.Don't use hashtags in your posts (#) this has been correlated with bans for spam being given to both the poster and people who engage. As a result many are scared to engage with them, you can still use the key words, just remove the symbol. You will also attract scammers and bots this way.Remember to add a sex worker/results option to your polls for the most accurate results.

Twitter Pictures.Use a blur app on to censor your pictures stickers work great if that's the aesthetic you're going for, but by pixilating or blurring the image the colours remain the same and they stand out way less, I've found my posts do much better this way!Twitter has a system for previewing pictures.
1 picture = 1x mostly uncropped^
^1 picture is now unaffected by twitters cropping on ios/android, appears to still be the original cropping style on browser/computer.
2 pictures= 2x Portrait. Portrait=↕️
3 pictures= 1x Portrait 2x Landscape.
4 pictures= 4x Landscape.

Engagement Threads:
NOTE: engagement/promo threads seem to be dying out recentlyWhen commenting on another engagement thread your promo could include:
Pictures, your price, what you offer (unique selling points or valuable aspects of your page)
Don't over promote (ie. Don't use every single picture you have, this goes for normal posts too)The earlier the comment on the thread the more exposure your comment can get!Try and alternate the pictures used to avoid twitter limiting you, if you share a link to a post as your promo make sure you add something like an emoji so the post has "commentary" and isn't spam. Try and alternate these emojis too.Comment ON the thread and then **retweet the thread overall, ** if you retweet with comment and add your promo that way, it's only visible to your followers and no one who views the thread

Twitter Bans:Twitter bans exist and you will experience them. They decrease in amount and harshness as you grow in follower count.A ban is different to a suspension as you are still allowed to be on twitter with a ban you may just find your abilities are limited for a while. See the twitter rules section for info on suspensions.You can be banned from following and engaging for a small period (usually a few hours) after following lots of people in a short time span of time, to prevent this follow people in groups in chunks of 10 or so.You can be banned for 3 days from following and engaging** if you follow a lot of people in quick succession, you can also be banned for 3 days if you follow/unfollow more than 400 people in one day.**You can be banned from retweeting for a few hours up to a full 3 day ban, this is from retweeting too much in a short time period.Finally you can have a DM ban, if you send more than 1K DMs out in 24 hours you will be unable to send out any more messages until the next day (12am the next day) You will still receive them.YOU CAN BE SHADOWBANNED
Check out the link below to see if you're shadowbanned.
(Note SEARCH AND SEARCH SUGGESTION BANS are normally on every nsfw account, I believe this is to stop nsfw accounts being accidentally stumbled across by minors.)

Twitter Scams:If a random account constantly tweets out'who's selling'
'I'm buying'
'who wants money'
⚠️THEY ARE SCAMMERS, THEY USE THESE TWEETS TO BAIT SEX WORKERS AND GAIN FOLLOWERS.⚠️They will NOT buy your content!Don't follow or engage with these profiles, you just boost their exposure.

Don't message the accounts calling themselves 'sugar daddies' and 'sugar mommies' or tweeting about such.If they are outwardly advertising they are then there is the highest chance they aren't and its going to be a scam.

You DON'T have to send ANYTHING of monetary value to receive money, this is a common scam, if there are fees then they can be taken from the sender, the money as its sent or requested by your bank themselves, none of those that relate to you occur BEFORE the money is sent. They will take what you send and RUN.And always wait until you have confirmation on your end of a fully received payment, even if that means waiting for PayPal payments that are pending. They CAN BE Reversed.Cashapp does NOT require a feePayPal DOES NOT require a fee (from the recipient, sometimes the sender will be asked to pay a fee)I don't use venmo as its not in my country but I'm sure the same still applies.If you have a feeling something isn't right with an account LOOK UP THEIR USERNAME, someone may have already experienced issues.FAKE URLS:
These accounts are NOT verified sex workers.


Tips for anonymous creatorsThe following are tips from other anonymous creators who don't show their face:"Lots of angle play. Cute masks. Just film and you can edit later, it can be awkward if your mask less and youre trying to keep your face out of it. Look at FSSW and how they shimmer out their faces" @ZoeSavanna69"Just make sure u post good quality pics and have good grabbing captions and tweet often" @honeybunbabee"I think it’s hard for people to feel a connection to you without seeing your eyes or mouth so of course masks are great but I take a lot of time to build relationships with my subs too so it feels more personal with them but that might not be everyone’s thing." @natureslutt"Some things that come to mind:
-Choose an alias / stage name.
-Be general about your location. (ex. the US)
-Leave signs or landmarks out of the frame
-Practice angles that leave out your face. You can cover your face with a sticker when editing if needed.
💕" @cumkitten99

Tips for plus size creatorsThe following are quotes from plus size sex workers on what their top tips for online sex work are."Personally, think it’s important to remember they’re subscribing to see more of you. When I first started I was self conscious and hesitant to show myself at certain angles or post certain things but now I honestly don’t care and the more confidence I have the more love I receive. My favourite app for advertising is whisper and they have so many plus size, bbw and chubby friendly groups if you just search those terms." @natureslutt" First thing that comes to my mind is to wear something you feel sexy and comfortable with! Feel proud about your curves, it makes us sexy af! 💪🏼" @SSuzannemarie" I get a lot of my stuff from shein. I always order a 4x and I haven’t had any issues so far. Also, I’ve noticed lots of guys are “chubby chasers” for better lack of words and actually prefer BBW content. I don’t hide my stretch marks or anything and no one minds. It also helps to find good poses that are for BBW. I use this guide often" @SeductressSaw

"It helps to own your body. Like OWN it! Being confident shows, it takes a lot of practice but people will notice and will be drawn to you.Follow other plus size swers, they are your friends not your competition.Shein is great for lingerie, make sure you go by measurements!!Reddit can be a hard place for fat people so ask around for safe subreddits where you are less likely to be targeted.Do sfs with other fat creators. Join rt groups with fat people for people!" @cherryjambaby" Shein is my best friend for lingerie clothing etc! And honestly AVN is my best friend for plus size models. I haven’t had much success on OF....... " @daddyscarlet"Just embrace your beauty! Wear whatever you're comfortable with and ppl will notice, fashionnova has great lingerie for all sizes in my opinion! For reddit, I found posting in r/chubby to help a lot & anywhere that includes you directly" @angelbaabes"1. Wear things that make you feel comfortable 2. Shoulders back, chest out. Don’t slouch to try to take up less space. 3. Your body is great and people want to pay you to see it. Own that shit and let them." @derbygirl512"Confidence. And only do what you feel comfortable with. And angles. And invest in cute sheer sheet, they come in handy in hiding things you dislike. Stockings hide a lot. Guys aren't looking for fake, they want all your imperfections. Own your curves." @ThatOneCurvyBa1

Tips From Male Creators

Tips From Findom CreatorsTop 5 tips for baby findommes by @deaddomme

1. if you have begun this kink thinking the money will come right away : it probably wont! patience and hard work is how you make money in this kink - it will NOT be handed to you.2.tributes should be priced according to your sub base and at first starting out i wouldnt ask for a tribute at all OR a very low one ($5 at the most!!) you can raise ur tribute price w time and growth! quantity is better than quality in the beginning TRUST ME.3. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS W OTHER DOMS/DOMMES - this is not a competition! we are COWORKERS not competing businesses! it is only by bringing EACHOTHER up that we can ALL succeed!!3. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS W OTHER DOMS/DOMMES - this is not a competition! we are COWORKERS not competing businesses! it is only by bringing EACHOTHER up that we can ALL succeed!!4. kink responsibly! do not over charge, abuse, neglect or otherwise harm ur subs emotionally in ways they didnt pay for!! you are giving dommes a bad name & lots of subs have left the kink as a result hurting us all in the long run! kindness is KEY!5. SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF THAT ARE REASONABLE! ie : "it is my first month so my goal is to make $50!" and strive to reach them! this will keep you focused and motivated as well as allow you to not be discouraged bc of dreams of grandeur!

10 tips for findommes by @rulernura

1. if you're in it solely bc you see it as easy money, you're gonna have a hard time. findomming isn't easy, it takes a lot of time, hard work, passion, creativity, & networking to get anywhere within the community.2. Your page is your personal brand. Your persona has to be sustainable. if you are not a naturally dominant person & are stealing all your tweets / quotes from larger accounts, you're gonna have a hard time keeping that image up when subs do decide to interact with you.3. DO NOT STEAL TWEETS
& no, changing one or two words in your tweet to a synonym you found on google doesn't suddenly make that idea yours you will be called out. trying to pass off others tributes as your own makes you seem desperate, not a good look.4. other dommes are your friends, not your enemies. support each other. engage with each other. these interactions are beneficial to both parties involved. just don't be a dick, man.5. do not ask other dommes to share their subs or send you some of their earnings. DO NOT you look desperate & it's just downright disrespectful. this honestly shouldn't even have to be said.6. do not ask other dommes for help. domming is very time consuming. between engaging in groups, interacting with subs, & creating content, most DO NOT have the time & energy to be spoon feeding new dommes.don't take this personally7. do not try & poach other dommes subs.
respect others d/s relationships
if a sub is owned, leave them alone.
this includes followings, subs & content.
quality quality quality quality
9. know your worth. don't settle for anything less than what you deserve or initially decided on.don't take shit from subs who are trying to push their luck. make them pay.10. DON'T FALL FOR BAIT ACCOUNTS / TWEETSthat dude constantly tweeting about how badly he wants to be drained most definitely isn't gonna pay you. don't give them the satisfaction of having your time or attention

Instagram Tips

Using Instagram to promote your SWDO NOT MENTION SW IN YOUR POSTS. Just don’t do it. At most, say link in bio (personally I don’t even do that). Don’t mention Onlyfans or any other adult platform. Remember, Instagram hates sexworkers and will delete your account without warning. Sometimes I will mention if I’m having a sale in my stories, but I keep it vague and I use stickers to convey my message rather than text (there are stickers that say link in bio, nsfw, 50% off, flash sale, etc)
2.KEEP YOUR CONTENT FAMILY FRIENDLY. Don’t underestimate the value of a good selfie. Do not be overtly sexual. Lingerie pics etc can be used but keep it tasteful. If you are sharing a pic that reveals a lot of your body it’s wise to make the caption something fitness-related. Honestly, keeping your posts PG but a little teasing will only make people want to buy your adult content even more, because they feel like they are getting access to a side of you the world doesn’t see.
3.TAG REPOST ACCOUNTS. You can use 15 tags per post: use them! Find some large repost accounts that are relevant to your aesthetic and tag them. If one of them reposts your photo it can mean a huge boost in followers. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s awesome.
4.DON’T PAY FOR PROMO. There are a ton of scams from what appear to be huge accounts on Instagram who offer to repost your photo for a fee. I get these offers daily. Don’t do it. A lot of these accounts have fake followers anyway or are offering you fake followers, which is worthless. (A good way to tell if an account is using fake followers is to see how many likes their posts get vs how many followers they have. If an account has 1 million followers, for example, but their posts are only getting a few hundred likes, that’s a red flag.)
5.Keep your captions short and sweet and ask simple questions to encourage engagement (“how was your day?” “Where would you take me for a date?” Etc)
6.KEEP IT UPBEAT. People who are looking to spend money on SWs are generally looking for an escape, and negativity/self-pity can be a turn off. Project the version of yourself you want to be: successful, wealthy, happy, and not hung up on a single potential buyer. You could care less whether they subscribe, because you’re doing SO well because your content is SO good you really don’t need to try that hard ;)
7.Don’t waste time in your DMs. Occasionally I mention in my stories that I simply can’t respond to my messages because I get way too many, but on my website I have more time to chat. Project the image of yourself as being in very high demand. Make them work to get your attention. Another risk of engaging in your DMs is that you will have a negative interaction with another user and they will vindictively report your account.
I’ve tried to use Instagram for promo several times and have been deleted multiple times. These tactics are what I have found to be most successful thus far (fingers crossed they don’t delete me again lol)
My username is Amy.theginger if you want to check out my page for more examples of how I’m doing it. I hope this information is helpful! Make that money and support your fellow SWs ❤️

Telegram TipsTelegram is an app similar to WhatsApp but you can have a username and hide your number, you join groups similar to twitter groups and they can either be for sfs on onlyfans/similar sites, or for engagements on twitter/reddit ect.To use telegram for mutual engagement (on twitter for this example) you must send either a link to your twitter profile or a link to a twitter post (this may vary between groups, CHECK THE RULES). Groups like this function similarly to engagement groups on twitter, you must go back X amount of people/links/hours and engage with the content shared before you then share your own.The advice below refers to using telegram for sfs."Join groups that are open to helping newbies so you don’t end up banned. watch a few drops so you can get the hang of it- It’s not that hard once you watch a few of them. ALSO make a notes app page full of captions for drops. EX: Free link only and paid link only with short and long captions for mass DM drops and longer captions with both links for sfs/ both on free or paid drops."

How to Drop:
• What is a flyer?
⁃ A flyer is a picture or multiple pictures your created into one. It will have either your onlyfans @ or link on it.
⁃ Apps to use for flyers: picsart, snap chat, canva, etc. I recommend picsart because it’s easy to navigate.
⁃ This goes for all flyer drops ❤️
• What is a Paid flyer drop?
⁃ When hosts opens drops you post your flyer
⁃ Hold down on your pic, click edit. Then put in format that the host asks for.
⁃ Then the host will gather all formats and pictures.
⁃ Once that is done you post to your paid onlyfans account. You screenshot all the links with the formats and it the pic count displayed at the bottom ex: (1 of 6)
⁃ Post screenshots in the group
• What is a Paid Link Drop?
⁃ Once host opens drop you post your paid onlyfans link
⁃ Hold down on your comment click edit then fix format the way the host asks for
⁃ The host will gather all links with formats
⁃ Then you post them on your paid onlyfans account and screenshot all the links
⁃ Post screenshot in the group
• What is a Free Link Drop?
⁃ You must have a free onlyfans account to be in this kind of drop
⁃ Once host opens drop you post your free onlyfans link
⁃ Hold down on your comment click edit and fix format to the way the host asks
⁃ Host will gather all links and formats
⁃ Then you post it all on your free page and screenshot showing all links
⁃ Post screenshots in group
• What is a Free Flyer Drop?
⁃ These drops aren’t particularly common
⁃ Same rules apply to paid flyer drop however your flyer must be censored
⁃ Censored: you must censor all intimate parts; boobs, vagina, penis, etc. (you can use picsart to put stickers over)
• What is a Paid Video Drop?
⁃ Host will announce how long the video must be (commonly 8-15 seconds)
⁃ Use inshot and/or Snapchat to edit your video
⁃ You put your onlyfans link or @ on the video (that is watermarking it)
⁃ Post video once host opens drop
⁃ Hold down on your video click edit then fix format to the way the host asks
⁃ Once host announces “closed” you wait and MUST stay active
⁃ The host will then gather all links(formats) and all videos to compile into one
⁃ Once that is done you post the video and all formats (links) on your paid onlyfans page
⁃ Screenshot all links and video (even if still processing)
⁃ Post screenshots in group
~ PRO TIP: video drops take the longest however you gain the most from them.
• What is a Paid on Free Drop?
⁃ You must have a paid onlyfans AND free onlyfans to do this drop
⁃ Once host opens drop you post your paid link
⁃ Same as (paid link)
⁃ Hold down on your comment click edit to format the way the host asks
⁃ The host will then gather all links
⁃ Once host gathers you post on your FREE onlyfans page.
⁃ Take screenshots of all links then post screenshots in group
• PRO TIP: ALWAYS remember to set 24 hour timer before you post the post on your onlyfans
• PRO TIP: ALWAYS stay active ( if you do not post screenshots that can result in a warning or a ban)
• PRO TIP: commonly used phrases:
⁃ A : active (for the drop)
⁃ DWA : done with all/ done with adding
⁃ V : voted (on the poll)
• What is an individual/single drop?
⁃ the host will tell you “open” then you drop your link (depending on the drop it may be a free link or paid link)
⁃ After dropping your link you then wait
⁃ The host will close and typically say “post bottom to top”
⁃ What you do is start at the bottom link, copy and paste it to your onlyfans then screen shot
⁃ Then you go to the next link (second from bottom) and repeat the same until you get to the very first link
⁃ Then once you’ve posted each link and screenshotted the posts, you post those screenshots in the group
• What is a double drop?
⁃ double is the same idea as an individual drop but instead of just one post.
⁃ There will be 2 link in one post.
⁃ Post as host sends. Screen shot and continue to do that.
Info credit - unknown

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